These days, mines are one of the most important factors in industry, economic growth, annual income and job creation in a country. Reducing the overall costs of mining play a very important role in the final price of the product and thus increase the profit and income of a mine.
In recent years, applying the new blasting methods has greatly expanded due to the costs of drilling and blasting and its impact on downstream costs such as loading, hauling and comminution.
One of the methods used in blasting operations in open pit mines is air deck method. An air gap in the explosive column known as an air deck has been applied in surface blasting as a means to reduce explosive charge, vibration, fly rock, and improve fragmentation and controlled blasting in some situations. We designed and manufactured ABplug as an Airdeck and Stemming plugs. It is used in pen pit and underground blasting operations. ABplug can be used can be used at any depth for multilevel blasting.

Benefits of the ABplug


  • More control of the blast.
  • Less ground vibration
  • Less airblast
  • Less fly rock andrifling
  • Less Backbreak
  • Increased high wall stability.

Drill & Blast

  • Minimization or elimination of sub-drilling
  • Lower explosives consumption


  • Better fragmentation.
  • Improved pit floor conditions and less toes
  • Assists in preventing dilution of mineral and waste.
  • Increasing the efficiency of loading and hauling oprations due to better fragmentation.


  • Reduce in undesirable fines
  • Less energy consumption
  • Reduce in comminution costs


1) Sungun Copper Mine
2) Miduk copper mine
3) Choghart iron ore mine
4) Pirbakran limestone mine
5) Mishdovan Iron ore mine
6) Chahfiroozeh copper mine


1) Drilling and blasting operations in open pit mines.
2) Underground horizontal hole blasting.