These days, mining is one of the most essential factors in industry, economic growth, annual income and job creation in a country. A reduction in mining costs has a significant impact on the product's price. As a result, mine profits and income increase.
Due to the cost of drilling and blasting, new blasting methods have gained popularity in recent years. In turn, this has affected downstream expenses like loading, hauling, and commissioning.
The Airdeck method is one of the blasting methods used in open pit mines. An air gap in the explosive column, known as an Airdeck, has been applied to surface blasting to reduce explosive charge, vibration, and fly rock. Consequently, fragmentation and controlled blasting have been improved in some instances. We designed and manufactured ABplug as an Airdeck and Stemming plugs. It is used in pen pit and underground blasting operations. ABplug can be used can be applied at any depth for multilevel blasting.

Benefits of the ABplug


•    More control over the blast
•    Less ground vibration
•    Less air blast
•    Less flying rocks and rifling
•    Less Backbreak
•    Increased high wall stability

Drill & blast

•    Minimization or elimination of sub-drilling
•    Lower explosives consumption